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>> Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear friends,

Apologies for the complete lack of post over the past weeks! 

After a few hectic weeks wrapping up work and changing my nephew's diaper, I found myself in Tokyo again for a break. Thank God for this time of much needed rest!

This is a quick post to share with you what I've seen and what I've eaten while being here. All photos were taken using my camera phone (learning to travel "light"!)

Hope you have a lovely week.


We were served this green tea on entering a tea/pottery shop. The sakura-shaped cup makes the green tea tastes that much nicer ;)

Pondering Japanese bird lady.

A girl patting a wild cat. I noticed the Japanese love their cats! And there are cartoon characters of cats everywhere!

This was such a refreshing dessert at Henri Charpentier @ Ginza. It's like eating an apple that tastes better than an apple...totally makes sense!
Consists of apple mousse, apple compote, caramel mousse with a macaron base!

On the window display in Ginza

This is one of the most interesting department store displays I've seen hanging from the ceiling at Isetan. The photo doesn't do it justice - makes it look a bit witchy!

This chick is made up of many little chicks at Roppongi!

What to do after a long day of walking? Hot green tea soup with red beans and mochi of course! 

Chestnut souffle @ Le Souffle! I could't really taste the chestnut but was impressed with the hieght of the souffle.

I couldn't help but notice this beautifully pruned tree outside this house. It's like a giant bonsai!

Fancy LV building in Ginza from the Bvlgari building where we had afternoon tea.

This is a bit creepy. We went to a ramen place where they put you in your own cubicle and all you can see in front of you is this - hands of another customer waiting for his ramen. When you are served your ramen from the "window", they close the window off with a blind and you're left alone there all by yourself...with you ramen. *weeps*. Oh, and it was yummy ;)

I am going to learn to make this matcha jelly-like dessert when I get home. You take a piece of the glutinous "jelly" and dip it in brown sugar syrup and roll in around in bitter matcha powder. So oiiishi!!

Japanese people love their fried food - I am now breaking out! Can you see the deep fried egg yolk in the photo? *cholesterol alert*

Dainty lil strawberry cakes

Dark chocolate icecream with 80% dark hot chocolate @ Cacao Sampaka. This is the FIRST hot chocolate I've tasted that is more bitter than sweet. Enjoyed it sooo much!

Inside a newish department store Kitte @ Tokyo Station.

Green tea anmitsu..more matcha "jelly" goodness!

This cutie was tugging at my heartstrings...

My dinner - colourful inari sushi from department stores.

One of the best things about Tokyo is the array of desserts on display...I'll just try to eat with my eyes most of the time.

This is the dessert at one of the most memorable meals we had at Ryuzu - a 2 Michelin star restaurant. Their lunch deal is such a bargain (Y3600 which is less than AUD$40!) The head chef even comes out and talks to you after your meal - apparently he trained under Joel Robuchon too!

View of a busy street in Shibuya 

Outside the Shibuya station on Halloweens day.

And finally...I've found Hachiko! (Have you seen the movie Hachi? It will make you cry!)

That's all for now! I will be back soon with more travel updates :)

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