About me

Green Cilantro is a (mostly food) blog written by me, Viv.

I am:

a child of God. first and foremost.

a daughter, a sister, a friend, a food experimenter and a pursuer of all things good.

a twentysomething pin-striped worker in IT by day, and a practicer of domesticality by night (well i try!)

blessed to be living in such a beautiful country - australia! i love taiwan too - where i was born.

happy that you are visiting with me today! :)

hoping that Green Cilantro would be a fun and creative canvas for me to document about my crazy adventures with food and in the kitchen.

good at sitting in cafes on saturday mornings.

not sure why i chose this name for my blog since we don't use the word cilantro in australia. but it does sound pretty (like my favourite french word, pamplemousse, the grapefruit).

trying to capture beauty in all forms shining through unexpected moments in life.

an adorer of trees, a hot mug of milo and a hot bath on a cold day. hand-written cards and sunsets.

enchanted by all disney movies.

saying yes to wholesome food which makes the body happy, which nourishes and also tingles the senses or brings back nostalgic memories.

an owner of a sweet tooth, but overly sweet desserts make me sick so i'm good at cutting back on the amount of sugar most recipes call for ;)

not really a 'cook' by any means. but i do bake more than i cook.

a curious experimenter of different types of flours and sugars.

trying to stick to the principle of cooking simple food. simple as in throwing a few fresh ingredients that work together and calling it a meal.

constantly making mistakes - both in the kitchen and in life. 

grateful that i get picked right up again after i fall.

not too fussy a eater (sorta!) - i'd be thankful if you cook me a simple steak and chips with jello as dessert.

up for a challenge (ones that don't involve heights amongst other things...)

learning about photography.

using a Canon 550D with my favourite 50mm f1.4 lens. all photos on this blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

wondering what your fav book is? at the moment, I'm re-reading to kill a mockingbird.

humming to christmas songs all year round.

embarrassed to admit that my cookbook section is growing way faster than anything else.

really bad at on-the-spot combacks. but i'd toss in bed all night coming up with great ones.

thinking there should be at least 37 different types of hot chocolates on the menu (hmmm, only in europe.)

not too good with twitter. but you can follow me and say hi!

in need of grace, in need of love, in need of mercy falling down from above.

blessed to have Jesus in my life - the Provider of the food my soul needs.

hoping to hear from you, so please leave a comment to say Hi!

And if you'd like to email me, you may do so at:

HiGreenCilantro [at] gmail [dot] com

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