Mango, Yogurt and Raspberry Gelee

>> Sunday, March 8, 2009

While typing the title of this entry, I contemplated on a word to use to replace 'Jelly' or 'Jell-o'. I don't think I could use a word like 'Jell-o' to describe this dessert because it reminds me of those supermarket gelatine powder I loved eating growing up, full of sugar and artifical colourings (my favourite was the bright green lime flavoured ones). I thought by using the French version of the word Jelly, it might make it sound more desirable and exotic?!

Anyways, there is a story associated with this dessert. It involved me spending a few precious lunch breaks walking to every single Coles in the CBD on my heels (painful!). I was determined not to stop until I find Davis Gelatine powder, which is the only unflavoured gelatine you can find these days... I had to give up eventually because they simply don't stock these anymore in supermarkets. One ordinary Sunday arvo, I was visiting a friend in a hospital near Kogarah and walked past this small Chinese grocery store. I went in hoping to find some bok-choi and came out with Davis Gelatine powder instead. Amazing (considering it's made in NZ)!

Anyways, there is nothing I like more than to use my food processor to blend things together. I find it relaxing to see everything being made into a smooth paste and you can control the colour by adding more or less of something. It's all very artistic I'd say! So for this gelee I used fresh fruit (mango and raspberry) pureed by the food processor and Jalna's organic yogurt and honey. I also used a bit of the 'nudie' drinks from Coles. It turned out to be a great combination.

How I wish my daily fruit intake are always in this form...

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