BaBa Laksa House

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It didn't take long for YF and I to decide what to have for lunch. We met outside Myer on a busy Wednesday lunch time and agreed to find somewhere quieter than the noisy Hunter Connection or Myer food court. Then I remembered this Malaysian/Singapore place hidden inside the Grace Hotel nearby on York Street and also realised that their Hainanese Chicken is still on my list of to-eats! Perfect!

Their Hainanese Chicken is pricier than the other places that sells it at $10.50 but the way they plate their food and serve the dishes to your table makes up for it I guess. They even ask if you'd like chicken drumsticks or chicken breast! The photo above is of the chicken drumsticks option and the serving size is quite big, plus you get a soup to go with it. Apart from the chicken, their laksa and beef rendang are also very popular there.

All in all, it's one of the better Hainanese Chicken I've tried in Sydney. However I heard that Sayong Curry and Laksa (located at LG food court under Woolies in Town Hall) has a even better deal! That's for next time then...

BaBa Laksa House

Grace Hotel, G8 Ground Floor
77-79 York Street, Sydney NSW2000


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