>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm letting you in on a secret of mine! I've never told anyone of this before and no one has ever suspected this behaviour of mine all these years...

I am obsessed with frozen berries. So much so that everytime I go to the supermarket, I will buy a packet of them, even though my freezer is already cramped with packets stacked one on top of another. I can't help it.

There I said it. It's not so terrible a secret you're probably thinking. Not as bad as someone hiding candy bars under their pillows or eating insects for the thrill of the crunch. (On that note, I possibly ate a maggot this week when eating a peach from work because there was one wiggling around on the stone of the fruit after I've almost finished eating it).

But this habit of mine is taking up all the space in my freezer as I don't really use up the berries unless I am baking a fruit cake - which is like maybe twice a year?! I met a guy in the US who buys this green gummy candy everytime he goes to the stores because his ex-girlfriend likes them. He hates eating those candies, but still buys them religiously even after 3 years of their break-up. I once drove from Urbana to Chicago with him, and we stopped by the service station 3 times...yep, I got to eat 3 packets of green gummy candies.

It's interesting how past experiences shapes us in such a way that does not make sense to others...and even to yourself. Maybe that is one way we protect our memories and what is personal to us.

Anyways, here is a photo of one section of my freezer:

How berri-licious!

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