I heart SALADS

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm no expert on salad and did you know that I didn't try my first one until I was around 8 years old as I didn't grow up in the 'western world' where salads are as common as bread.

Today, salads still aren't really part of my regular diet and my vegetable intake usually comes in steamed or baked forms ;) My 'problem' is that I prefer eating warm or hot food.

These days I only do make them when the ingredients are in their freshest state (e.g. no days off greens from the fridge and fruits are plump) and I have either fresh cheese or nuts (such as pine nuts or walnuts) available. Also, nothing beats homemade dressings! Then the challenge is trying to figure out what goes with what...

I think that if you have everything in your salad the ingredients that you love (eating raw), then it's a winner. Otherwise what I do is that I will start picking on it and end up with a plate full of raw onions or rockets.

Some pictures of salads I made in the past...no recipe with this post as they're pretty self explanatory. ;)

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