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>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

Creme brulee has been on P's mind ever since we dined at The Meat & Wine Co. a few months ago when she saw it on the desserts menu after the mains but didn't get the chance to sample it.

So we decided to make a trip back to the restaurant - just for the desserts.

After a few slices of pizza courtesy of work on a Friday, we made our way towards our 'backyard' - Darling Harbour - to satisfy our sweet cravings.

Creme Brulee

P and K both ordered a creme brulee. This elegant dessert classic always reminds me of 'My best friends wedding' - the movie, when Julianne tries to explain to Kimmy why their love interest (Michael) would prefer Jello (Julianne) to Creme Brulee (Kimmy).

Julianne: I'm better with food. Okay, you're Michael, you're in a fancy french restaurant, you order... creme brulee for dessert, it's beautiful, it's sweet, it's irritatingly perfect. Suddenly, Michael realises he doesn't want creme brulee, he wants something else.
Kimmy: What does he want?
Julianne: Jello.
Kimmy: Jello?! Why does he want jello?
Julianne: Because he's comfortable with jello, jello makes him... comfortable. I realise, compared to creme brulee it's... jello, but maybe that's what he needs.
Kimmy: I could be jello.
Julianne: No! Creme brulee can never be jello, you could never be jello.
Kimmy: I have to be jello.
Julianne: You're never gonna be jello. Now you have to come clean with your parents, because if you're waiting for that "Do you take this man" part, it's considered poor form.

This dessert, according to P after scraping her ramekin squeaky clean, is the best she's had. It might as well as how Julianne described it - irritatingly perfect!

Bruschetta + Garlic Bread

The boys also shared this platter of bread as an entree. The bruschetta looked lovely - slices of wood-fired bread topped with chunky tomatoes and olive oil.

Apple and rhubarb crumble (with cinnamon ice-cream)

A crumble to me, is so very homey and rustic - my idea of a comfort food. So when they brought out this plate, I was rather surprised by the way it was presented. I've never seen a crumble plated in this manner before. Very elegant and definitely not rustic.

One bite and I felt like I was transferred back to my living room - all curled up in front of the T.V. Comfortable and familiar. The apple and rhubarb were slow cooked with cinnamon and the cinnamon ice-cream added an extra kick to this crumble (as normally vanilla ice-cream is served with this).

The Meat & Wine Co.

31 Wheat Rd
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9211 9888


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