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>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Agedashi Tofu - $5.8

I've been hearing a lot about Mizuya on Geroge Street ever since the beginning of the year with its izakaya dining hall, touch-screen menus and the karaoke rooms. Not another Japanese touch screen restaurant, were my first thoughts. I am not a big fan of it and prefer having my menu printed out in front of me (just like how I've not yet come to terms with reading a book using Kindle or iPad). However whenever I walk past the restaurant during my lunch breaks, the dark decor always piques my curiosity and tonight, I was keen to give it a try when a friend suggested it.

First up was the agedashi tofu. The batter was thin as I like it but very chewy as it must have a lot of corn flour.

Touch screen menu

Soft shell crab salad - $9.8

It is always good to have something healthy like a salad to offset the not-so-healthy deep fried soft shell crab, right? ;)

Cheese potato mochi - $5.8

I thought this was an interesting dish. It tastes like a cheesy mashed potato cake (I couldn't really taste the mochi) and was very filling.

Wagyu Beef sukiyaki (small) - $15.8

We ordered a suikyaki as well (which is like a hotpot with sweet soy broth - as opposed to the clear broth in shabu-shabu). We were told that it would be enough for two, but I could see myself easily finishing this myself if we didn't order anything else. The beef was lovely, however the broth was a bit on the salty side even after we put in the water to dilute it.

Additional vegetable for the hotpot - $7

Great Tea Shiratama Sundae $6

This is probably my favourite of the night. Green Tea ice-cream with lots of red bean paste and mochi balls, as well as your breakfast corn flakes at the bottom for that extra crunch.

I guess people don't come to Mizuya for authentic Japanese food, but rather the ambiance (it was actually very similar to the izayaka halls I've been to in Japan) and the alcohol accompanied by the large selection of side dishes like yakitori and kushiyaki.

14 George St
Sydney NSW 2000‎
Tel: (02) 9266 0866‎


Julie June 5, 2010 at 7:07 PM  

I love the sukiyaki at mizuya! I agree it is quite salty. Did you used the entertainment book coupon xD?

YW June 6, 2010 at 7:52 PM  

cheese potato mochi is indeed interesting... how's the texture of it? was it sticky/chewy ??

Viv June 6, 2010 at 11:21 PM  

Julie: Yes I did ;) It ended up being just under $40 for two! Do you have the ent. book as well?!

YW: I was expecting it to be chewy because of the mochi, but strangely it wasn't. It was more like a cheesy potato patty (maybe there were a tiny bit of glutinous flour in there or something?)

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